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----- Qualifications -----
I started my career at RegionUP, one of the largest trading firms in Japan. I spent 7 years there in project investment and business development, followed by 4 years in a special task force that focused on the development of RegionUP's long term business plan. Over the course of my tenure, the company has evaluated over 700 investment opportunities and closed 75 transactions, totaling US$2.20 Billion in value. Through these experiences, I have acquired skills that are essential in identifying only the most viable business opportunities from a pool of prospective deals and pursuing them in real-world context.
I was later transferred to the company’s U.S. Cable TV subsidiary as the Head of Operations. In just 2 years, I acquired new customers, brought in US$100 million worth of new revenues, and hired and trained over 100 new employees to support the growing operations. These accomplishments earned me the Presidential Award in 2003, the most distinguished award within the 50,000 employee strong RegionUP group granted to only 3 distinguished employees each year.
After receiving my privately-financed MBA with distinction from the Luxa University School of Management, I joined a Japanese technology start-up called RegionUP Commerce as the Head of Business Development.
----- Core Competencies -----
- Proven ability to design and implement business development strategies
- Operation and product management skills
- Extensive sales and marketing experience
- Vast management experience across a variety of departments
- Strong qualitative and quantitative investment analysis skills
----- Professional Experience -----
RegionUP Commerce, Inc. - Project Management Head
August, 2006 to present
- Supervised directly by COO
- Designed and developed online media contents catered to over 1 million unique users.
- Doubled the company’s EBITDA in 2 years through the introduction of new marketing strategy
- Designed and implemented new method of forecasting sales figures
- Streamlined decision making process within the company to better respond to changing market trends
- Reported directly to and negotiated budget with the company CEO and COO
RegionUP Inc. (General Trading Company)
April 1995 - July 2006
RegionUP - Cable Television Project Manager
April 2004 - July 2006
- Head of Operations, U.S. Cable TV Company
- Successfully launched high-speed communications service for Japanese clients
- Acquired over 100 new customers and brought in US$100 million worth of new revenues
- Hired and trained over 100 new employees
- Planned and executed the reorganization of the Business Development Division to improve the quality and efficiency of business planning
- Launched a new service of Video-on-Demand, the first of such service in Japan.
- Formulated sales strategies and spearheaded budget forecasting initiatives
Transport Equipment - Sales Project Manager
April 2002 - March 2003
- Project manager of a major transportation equipment and maintenance company
- Led the department to earn profit for the first time in 5 years through the implementation of improved project management schemes
- Managed the company-wide logistics
- Led the company’s US$100 million procurement efforts; lead price negotiations and achieved 30% YoY reduction in procurement costs
- Developed a 50-member, US$15 million revenue team
Communications Industry - Sales Project Manager
April 2002 - March 2003
- Director of project investment
- Involved in credit control and management.
- Performed credit review for nearly 100 prospective accounts (average exposure: US$10 million / account)
- Lead due diligence
- Evaluated and monitored ROI
- Formulated credit recovery and preservation strategies with various sales departments
- Involved in bankruptcy credit recovery efforts
----- Education -----
- RegionUP University, Bachelor of Arts, Economics --- April 1995
- Luxa Graduate University, Master of Business Administration --- June 2004
----- Awards -----
- Presidential Award (Criteria: 3 most distinguished employees within 50,000 group employees) --- 2003
----- Languages / Certifications -----
- TOEIC 940

We regret to inform you that RegionUP will be discontinued effective July 10, 2019.