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If you want our executive recruiters to find you, you need to understand how recruiters use RegionUP. Here we’ll explain how recruiters search for you and how you can optimize your chances of being found.

Point 1: Input your career data accurately

Recruiters search for candidate resumes by job and industry category, preferred location, salary, etc.

For example, if a recruiter wanted a candidate ...
  • With 10 years of Trading House or Logistics corporate experience
  • Currently residing in Singapore
  • Management experience of 10+ people
Even if you match the above data, if you haven’t filled in your career data correctly, you will not show up in the recruiter’s search. There is an especially large number of people who have not entered their years of function and industry experience.

Point 2: Excite recruiters with your Company Name and Position

The resume resume search screen is similar to the candidate job search.

Recruiters can search for your resume by
  • Company Name
  • Position
  • Current Location
  • Latest Salary
  • Education
  • English Level
  • Other Languages
If your summary doesn’t excite, they won’t look at your free format resume.
Your Company Name and Position are in free text format and because of this are especially important. For example, try to avoid overly unspecific expressions like “IT industry” or “Director”, and input the details of your company and position as much as possible.
For example:
Company RegionUP Inc., an independent human resources company
Position Business Management, CRM, Customer Support

Point 3:

Resumes that have a more recent Last Login date will be displayed at the top of the list. Recruiters can also evaluate your determination changing jobs by how actively you use RegionUP.

The more you use RegionUP the more attention your resume will grab. In order to increase the probability of appealing to recruiters, we recommend that you log in and update your resume frequently.